Urban Campers

Clown Street Slapstick Show

„They looked for some change.
Now change is looking for them.“

Three „urban campers“ and their world, composed of whatever refuse
they can find. From ruins they construct their memories, illusions of
a better future, and the fleeting backdrops of their desolate present.
They interact among themselves and with the audience – clowns
returning to their tramp-like origins and looking for humour in the
perilous deeps. The society is re-linked to its outcasts through gags,
the capacity to laugh at the same things. Building from ruins can come
in handy to everyone. A slapstick for and of the street about the inhabitants of moments and places most of us let pass by. A tragic comedy about three urban nomads who were looking for some change, until change started looking for them.

Clowns: Squadra Sua
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Music: Sacra Buraja / Vlado Cháb
Production: Klára Vančáková

For audiences of all ages



World Premiere 10.7.2021
Festival Behind the Door