Monstera Deliciosa

Heavenly Clown Slapstick

Monstrously delicate bitter-sweet introspection. Three men embrace their fragility, ascend to heaven and strive for each other´s life. Three clowns in an ideal world they cannot live in.

„…the trio brings to mind the early appearances of Voskovec and Werich of the Liberated Theatre (1920’s). Simple, yet highly intellectual humor, physical gags, dynamic silent games. Flowing life-like interplay of the original characters evokes gleeful eruptions of laughter.”
— L. Petišková, Taneční aktuality

premiere: 2.11.2016, Mime fest Praha
clowns: Roman Horák, Lukáš Houdek, Robert Janč
directed by: Petr Jarčevský
music: Jan Šikl
set and costumes: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
video: Michal Kubíček

age: 10+     


supported by: Ministry of Culture CZ, Prague City Hall, KD Mlejn, Divadlo Na cucky, Cirqueon, HAMU