happy hour

Clown Street Slapstick Show

Family street show á-la slap stick marinated in clowning.

premiere: 4.6.2016, Cirk-UFF Trutnov
created bz: Squadra Sua
stage and costume design: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
music: Jan Šikl

AGE: 5+



A guest comes to a restaurant, takes a seat, orders. The meal is then prepared by cooks and served by waiters. What could possibly go wrong?…….EVERYTHING!
Three clown magically changing from waiters to coocs and back in just a swish of the swing door in the heat of accidents, fails and stumbles.
Welcome to the Happy Hour Restaurant and enjoy all you can(‘t) eat.

supported by: Ministry of Culture CZ, Cirqueon, HAMU, KD Mlejn