Surreal Clown Slapstick

Five clowns make their way from point A to point B, or maybe from B to A, or, should you wish, from C via an infinite number of Xs. Most importantly, however, they go on a journey we so often undertake through our inner worlds. No matter how many detours you take, there is always a story ahead.

Renewed premiere: 11.9.2021
directed by: Jos Houben a Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová
clowns: Roman Horák, Lukáš Houdek, Michal Chovanec, Robert Janč, Ondřej Klíč
set and costume design: Petra Vlachynská
mUsic: Jan Šikl
ligth-design: Michal Kříž

AGE: 15+


Five clowns in neatly fitting suits pose the weighty question – To be or not to be? So heavy is the question, in fact, that at least one of the characters really ought to slim down. Five clowns stick their necks out without anyone wondering where had the sticks come from. In suspended buckets, dream logic and quotidian absurdity blend ceremoniously. Stumble but a little and risk kicking a bucket.

supported by: Ministry of Culture CZ, Prague City Hall, Jatka 78, DIOD Jihlava, Divadlo Bolka Polívky, Zdravotní klaun o.p.s., Cirqueon, HAMU